Characteristics of the IntelliFlo® VSD and VF VSD VF
Possibility of reducing energy consumption up to -80% compared to single speed or two speed pumps
Tremendous cost savings due to very low energy consumption
Permanent magnet motor with ultra-high efficiency that operates at a lower temperature
Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled: no water / dust / humidity can enter the motor
Extremely quiet operation at low speeds
Increased pump lifetime due to slow running mode and very little heat emission from motor
3 year warranty
A pump that can adapt to the user's needs : increase motor speed or flow when a new application is installed (heater, fountain, cleaner…) rather than install another pump
Smart anti-failure system (thermal overload protection, anti-freeze protection, under/over voltage protection)
Link external applications to the pump via the IntelliComm
CE certification
IntelliComm interface enables external applications to control the pumps speed/flow
Wet-end part easy to maintain, including a large prefilter basket
Owner manual translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch
Easy to operate with convenient keypad with 8 buttons  
Ultimate flow control : choose any specific flow between 4 and 30m3/h with steps of 1m3/h  
Flow is maintained constant even when filter is dirty  
16 button LCD screen showing m3 / RPM / kWh consumption as well as other important data in 6 languages  
Pump will stop in case of blockage of suction line : no risk of accidents such as entrapment  
A timer allows programming of up to 9 different motor speeds or flows during specific time periods during the day  
Protect against loss of prime: pump will turn off if not primed within specific timeframe  
Automatically determines optimum flow after pool size and turnovers/day have been entered: reduced installation time  
Program that modulates the flow to ensure minimum flow is maintained for specific application such as heater  
Specific programs to customize the flow to enhance fountain effects  
For seawater applications up to 4.5% salt concentration SW5P6R VSD  
Can replace all conventional SW5P6R and 5P6R pumps SW5P6R VSD  
Can replace all conventional UltraFlow pumps UltraFlow VSD  

Rev 2010